Pedra Bonita

hang gliding TANDEM FLIGHTS  IN Rio de janeiro - BRAZIL

​voo duplo de parapente rio de janeiro - voo duplo de parapente niterói

tandem hang gliding

fly a hang glider over the city of RIO!

Come and join our team for a Hang Gliding Tandem Flight at the Pedra Bonita take off in Rio de Janeiro. Soar over the city of Rio, fly a Hang Glider and see the world from a different angle!

Hang Gliding Rio

hang gliding FLIGHT, price: R$880


  • Your tandem flight with one of our CBVL certified instructors
  • Registration and insurance fee at the São Conrado Free Flight Club.
  • Transport from São Conrado beach to the Pedra Bonita take off.
  • HD Video. 


  • 2nd angle sideview camera: R$200
  • ​Hotel car transfer, price according to location.

pedra bonita take off 


Hang Gliding in Rio de Janeiro is part of Brazilian free flight history, this is the spot where the first hang gliding flight in Brazil took place over 40 years ago.

The instructors in Rio are known to be some of the best hang gliding tandem pilots in the world, and the Pedra Bonita take off is their backyard.

Come and join our team on a breathtaking hang gliding flight over the beautiful scenery of Rio de Janeiro: take off from the Pedra Bonita, fly over the gorgeous Tijuca Forest and land in the white sands of São Conrado beach.

Flying a Hang Glider in Rio de Janeiro is a once in a lifetime experience!

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