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XC Safari and acro clinic

For the more experienced pilots who wish to take there flying to the next level, join us in our SIV Acro Clinics, or get to know the best of Brazil's backcountry territory in one of our Cross Country Trips.

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You enjoyed your tandem flight and now you know this is the sport for you! Our instructors are ready to take you to the next level, join our paragliding course and learn how to fly a paraglider in a fun, safe, and controlled manner.

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Flying a tandem paraglider is a great way to get to know the sport. During our single class paragliding tandem instruction flight you will discover what it feels like to soar like birds in the sky!
​Get in touch through our contact page and book your tandem flight right know!
We takeoff on a daily basis from: São Conrado beach in Rio, Parque da Cidade in NIterói, and Sampaio Correia in Saquarema RJ.

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Paragliding FLIGHTS IN Rio De Janeiro - BRAZIL

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The ultimate flying experience  

Looking for the ultimate adventure in Rio De Janeiro? Rio Tandem has got you covered. We offer specialized tandem paragliding flights and instruction in Rio De Janeiro. From amateurs to pros, anyone can take part in this exhilarating activity.

We have a team of certified, trained instructors who go the extra mile to ensure your safety. Before you take off, they will provide you a brief training. We also use high quality equipment that you can trust 100 %. For the best paragliding experience in Rio De Janeiro, get in touch with us. Explore the magnificent beauty of Rio De Janeiro with us.