Hang Gliding tandem flights from the Pedra Bonita take off in São Conrado, come and fly with the best team of pilots in Rio de Janeiro.

paragliding and hang gliding tandem flight in Rio De Janeiro

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paragliding tandem flight​​ in niterói

paragliding in rio

Paragliding tandem flight from the Parque da Cidade take off in Niterói. Two different free flight areas for you to fly over the Guanabara Bay and some of the most beautiful beaches in the state of Rio.

paragliding tandem flight​​ in rio

Discover the breathtaking sceneryof Rio De Janeiro from up above  

Travel to Rio De Janeiro? Experience the adventure of a lifetime with our professional paragliding and hand gliding services. We specialize in paragliding and hand gliding for beginners and experts. Our paragliders and hand gliders pilots are the best in Rio, holding certification from ABVL. Moreover, they have the experience and expertise to offer you an unforgettable experience in Rio de Janeiro.

Whether you are a beginner or pro, we have something for all levels and budgets. Our instructors follow proper quality and safety standards for your safety. Check out our current paragliding and hand gliding packages online.

paragliding tandem flight in rio de janeiro
paragliding tandem flight in niter

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hang gliding tandem flight in rio de janeiro

Time for landing after a fun flight over Rio! 😎👍

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Come and fly a Paraglider over the skies of Rio de Janeiro with the Rio Tandem team. Our paragliding tandem flight is a great way to get to know the sport of free flying, and to see Rio's spectacular views from high above. We fly on a regular basis from take offs in Rio, Niterói, Angra dos Reis and Lake District. Get ready to fly a paraglider and see the city of Rio from a different angle!

hang gliding tandem flight in rio