Paraglider flying over São Conrado beach, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

paragliding FLIGHT in Rio, price: R$880


  • Your tandem flight with one of our CBVL certified instructors
  • Registration and insurance fee at the São Conrado Free Flight Club.
  • Transport from São Conrado beach to the Pedra Bonita take off.
  • 4K Video.


  • 360º camera: R$200
  • ​Hotel car transfer, price according to location.

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pedra bonita take off

pedra bonita take off


The Pedra Bonita Take off is located in the middle of the Tijuca National Park, at an altitude of 517m. The landing area is by the beach in São Conrado.

The  access to the ramp is 7km long, following up the estrada das Canoas. At the take off area there is a snack bar and bathrooms for pilots and visitors.

There are two take off areas, one metalic/wooden structured ramp for Hang Gliders, and a grass slope for Paragliders to take off.
From the Pedra Bonita take off in São Conrado, it is possible to appreciate the view of Gávea rock, Dois Irmão mountain, São Conrado beach, and all the south area of Rio de Janeiro.

fly a paraglider over the city of rio!

Come and join our team for a Paragliding Tandem Flight at the Pedra Bonita take off in Rio de Janeiro. Soar over the city of Rio, fly a Paraglider and see the world from a different angle!

paragliding tandem flights in rio de janeiro

paragliding tandem flights iN Rio de janeiro - BRAZIL

​voo duplo de parapente rio de janeiro - voo duplo de parapente niterói

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